Saga-Lancaster Chokes

Sagatrade specializes in standard and customized flow control products for onshore and offshore applications. It offers production, drilling, heater, and control chokes. The company also provides retrofit kits, control valves, actuators, and back-up power supplies.


Our patented high performance chokes are capable of operating at up to 90% LESS torque at 10,000 psig compared to the regular commodity chokes in the market.

Control Valve

Featuring cutting edge multi-stage designs, our control valves offers innovative solutions to more challenging flow control applications. It may even be retrofitted to existing choke assemblies with ease.

Retrofit Kits

Retrofit-kits are equipped with the technology to adapt many versions of “conventional” (H2, JWA) chokes into actuated chokes. Provides the ability to employ low torque bonnet assemblies.


Using our chokes, you have the freedom to be rid of unfriendly, expensive and bulky pneumatic diaphragm or stepping actuators. Our chokes can be operated at 15,000 psig with a small electrically powered (24vDC/110AC/220AC) actuator. 24vDC, the chokes can work onshore or offshore using only a small battery pack and solar array for power. Enables unparalleled freedom and reliability when it comes to flow control in remote locations.

Drilling Choke

Our drilling chokes come in 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 psig working pressures and provide the necessary metallurgy on all of our wetted components for sour gas service. All drilling chokes have long life positive shut-off trim designs which utilize tungsten carbide (or better) trim components.