Company Inertia

Founded in 2015, Staridea was established to be a player in the oil & gas, energy and power sector. We pride ourselves in being advocates of technology and innovation, as we hope to inspire change and advancement in every aspect of industry and society. For our children, and theirs.


To be Asia Pacific’s market leader in innovative technologies.


To provide customized solutions with emphasis on efficiency and cost control, while maintaining a high level of product quality and service delivery.


With Staridea, we operate end to end. Give us a problem, we will work hand in hand to materialize a solution that is just right for you. Our people possess extensive experience in oilfield chemical applications and subsea inspection services. We deem you imperative. Start to finish. And more.


We proffer premium service, sans the premium price tag. We stand on referrals and recommendations. Our chemical solutions are ranked very favourably, while our subsea services have garnered glowing endorsements the world over.

Core Business

Whether your need is basic or complex, trust us to deliver in the following areas

Chemical Solutions

Oilfield and wastewater chemicals. Applicable to oil & gas, energy and manufacturing industries

Subsea Survey & Inspections

Air & Saturation Diving, ROV Inspection and Construction support, Hydrographical surveys and Offshore Positioning

Engineering Services

Well Tests, Downhole Completions, Supply of valves and chokes, Slickline cameras and Commercial Drone Technology